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 Adama Chaya is a young and dynamic company that leads systemic change in Israeli agriculture and takes part in a variety of international projects.
We offer an innovative work environment that encourages entrepreneurship and practical influence in the world.
At the core of our work is positive and quality relationships

You are welcome to apply for one of the vacancies


An agricultural sales and training person is needed at the Adama Haya center

Adama Chaya strives to develop a professional infrastructure for biodynamic agriculture in Israel, we work with farmers in all branches of agriculture and its approaches (conventional, organic, biodynamic) with the aim of leading to improved performance and agricultural efficiency.

The flagship product of Adema Haya is seed mixes for utility plants, and we are looking to expand the work team in this area.

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An administrative and operational coordinator is needed at the Adama Haya Center

Adama Chaya is working on developing a professional infrastructure for biological-dynamic agriculture in Israel.

We offer training services for farmers and project development, courses and professional training and marketing and sales of products.

We are a dynamic, growing young company and we are looking for good people to grow with.

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