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How is living soil created?

About the partnership with Basket Farm

On a hot spring day, a light conversation between Yarden Shahaf and Liron Israeli flooded the question:
"How can biodynamic agriculture be relevant to Israeli farmers?"

In the absence of any biodynamic activity in those days in Israel, the two set out to build a working group and study of biodynamic agriculture.

Jordan brought the enthusiasm to try new things in the basket farm and Liron brought from his experience in biodynamic agriculture in the Flower Mountain farm, TableHurst Farms in England, and the Biodynamic Association in India.

It was the connection between the two that gave birth to "living land"

"We in the biodynamic agricultural movement have undoubtedly followed in the footsteps of the young, and our studies have therefore largely stemmed from the difficult lessons of experience," wrote Henriette Piper, one of the founders of biodynamic agriculture, and we identify with him as we walk the path of the young
To create a new agricultural reality "


About the economy

A basket farm was established approximately 12 years ago. In the beginning there was only our strong desire for doing and a dormant farm, which began to awaken when we sowed a field of sweet corn in the backyard. Our corn was enthusiastically received in the local community and aroused interest in further crops. We decided to continue to conduct ourselves according to the demands of the audience and the feelings of the heart, while maintaining a mutual commitment and cooperation between us and the local community. The connection with Liron revived the biodynamic idea in the economy. The economy operates according to Steiner's biodynamic principles, according to which the agricultural farm is in fact a living organism: plants, soil, workers, machines and customers - all take part in the beauty of creation. All our doing is intertwined with the biodynamic essence of working with and within nature - when we, the farmers, are part of the whole. We market the produce in our store and in weekly basket delivery to private customers.

Ella and Yarden Shahaf grow 50 dunams of vegetables, plantations for animals and four children in Moshav Amikam.


Biodynamic activity

The basket farm produces most of the biodynamic preparations used by the farm, and the network of growers that work with living soil.

The farm grows the plants for biodynamic preparations and prepares biodynamic compost for personal use and sale.  

Jordan, as a diligent blacksmith, manufactures tools for biodynamic applications, mixes biodynamic preparations, mortars, and compost reversing machines


For the purchase of vegetables
Of the economy 

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