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Services for the farmer

"Look at nature closely  And understand everything "

A. Einstein


Forestry (agroforestry) is the deliberate combination of trees and shrubs within a system of field crops or animal husbandry. This application helps to diversify the amount of products per unit area and increases the ecological, economic and social functioning.

Instruction,  Courses and workshops

The ability of a farmer to lead his farm towards ecological stability, depends on many links. Living Land offers individual accompaniment to farmers, course  Annual biodynamic agriculture and short workshops as needed

Agro-ecology interface

The health and fertility of every farm  Depends on its ecological stability.
We offer guidance and advice in improving the agricultural interface for the conservation of a variety of species. Production diversity  The farmer. Biological pesticides and more.

Soil tests

Chromatographic soil tests allow any farmer to obtain a simple and effective soil test, which indicates the state of the organic matter in the soil, carbon content and minerals. In addition, this test helps to see the vitality of the processes living in the soil.
-More details coming soon-

Agriculture supports the community

Building a stable partnership between agriculture and the community is key to sustainable agriculture.

We offer support and guidance in the establishment of agriculture in cooperation with the community.
Build a crop plan for direct marketing  And assistance in building relationships with various target audiences.

Need more details

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