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What is service vegetation?

Cultivation of seed mixtures in a planned way to provide agro-ecological services to the agricultural system,
In order to meet a variety of goals:
grassland management,
protection from soil erosion,
feed improvement,
Pollen and natural enemies.

Our seed mixes are carefully designed and tested,
Consisting of an intelligent and precise combination of grains, legumes, crucifers and more, and suitable for orchards, GDS and vegetable gardens.

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תערובות הזרעים שלנו מתוכננות ונבחנות בקפידה, מורכבות משילוב מושכל ומדויק של דגניים, קטניות, מצליבים ועוד, ומתאימות למטעים, גד"ש וגני-ירק ובתי צמחיה.

הורידו את קטלוג ההתערובות בכדי לרואת את מגוון שירותים הגידול שתוכל לקבל.

קטלוג תערובות
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Concentration of information and examples from studies
  • Legumes, grains and cruciferous vegetables build quality nutrients together
  • A large variety of roots helps to hold and stabilize the soil from drift and floods
  • Diverse vegetation pushes out thorny pioneer vegetation and saves spraying
  • Greenhouse gas fixer
UN: "Up to 58% more food can be produced through sustainable land management"
Cultivation protocol of service vegetation

Successful adoption of service crops in the agricultural system, leads toMany benefitsand economic efficiency, thanks to the concept of service crops as a continuous interface that must be integrated into the agricultural system.

Purpose of the tumor protocol

To be a decision-making system that allows you to plan the management of the service crops interface throughout the season and thus obtain the most benefits and services

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Our highlights from three years of commercial experiments

Sowing in the field/application

Sowing with a seed drill or seed drill - ​Towards the first effective rain. 
A uniform distribution of the seeds must be achieved.
The mixture consists of seeds of different sizes

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Continuous monitoring of the rate and quality of the development of the service flora 
Helps refine the interface during the growing season

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Development tracking 

Temperature and rainfall regime affects the development ratio of the seeds of the mixtures compared to the local wild vegetation, which affects the management of the seed bank in the soil in a multi-year perspective 

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In new plantings, pay attention to the height of the braids of the mixture 
In relation to the new seedlings, the mixture is essential
for the protection of bare ground

End of growth 

There are several options for ending the increase depending on the goals:

  • Moderation in mowing and spraying <-- for green fertilization

  • The layer in an angled cart <-- to maintain plant cover

  • Mowing <-- to maintain delicate plant cover 

Timing at all stages is the key to success!

Why service vegetation mixes? 

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Commercial orders for the season

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