Courses & workshops

Biodynamic  foundations
part time annual course

The foundation course provides deeper insights and professional infrastructure for working with  biodynamics

The course includes 18 sessions, 2 a month.

In this course we explore and study dynamic biological thinking and experiment with a variety of tools from this approach. The course also includes a variety of tours and collaborative work with active biodynamic farms in Israel


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2 days Intencive 

The intencive courses are given twice ayear  in spring and fall.

Their aim is to give a basic and professional understanding of the principles of dynamic biology and first experience with a number of tools from this approach.

The courses take place in farms that are interested in furthering their biodynamics, thus creating a double advantage - both learning the course participants and supporting the farms in the process of conversion.

Courses are sometimes done on weekends and sometimes on Thursdays - Fridays to be adapted for Shabbat keepers

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סדנאות והרצאות

Adam haya offers a variety of short workshops and lectures on topics of biodynamic agriculture, sustainability agriculture, and agriculture and community issues.

Some of places where lectures are held: Eco-agriculture golan Course, Ecological Garden Technion, Ministry of Education Department of Teacher Training in Agriculture, Sorek Winery School, Tel Hai College - Agriculture depatment and more.

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