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Courses and training 

Biodynamic  foundations
part time annual course

The foundation course provides deeper insights and professional infrastructure for working with  biodynamics

The course includes 18 sessions, 2 a month.

In this course we explore and study dynamic biological thinking and experiment with a variety of tools from this approach. The course also includes a variety of tours and collaborative work with active biodynamic farms in Israel


More details on the course here

Concentrated courses 
Concentrated training in biodynamic agriculture 

The intencive courses are given twice ayear  in spring and fall.

Their aim is to give a basic and professional understanding of the principles of dynamic biology and first experience with a number of tools from this approach.

The courses take place in farms that are interested in furthering their biodynamics, thus creating a double advantage - both learning the course participants and supporting the farms in the process of conversion.

Courses are sometimes done on weekends and sometimes on Thursdays - Fridays to be adapted for Shabbat keepers

More details here

Continuing education abroad  
In-depth study programs with biodynamic farmers

We operate programs of in-depth studies with biodynamic farmers abroad, such as a field course in biodynamic vineyard management, southern France
Details about the course -Here
Environmental agricultural systems management course
Study program in collaboration with Tel Hai College

The most advanced course in Israel in agrotechnics of agro-ecological operations in agriculture. 
More details -Here 
Breeder meetings

Learning various agro-techniques, biodynamic tillage, management of service vegetation.
More details -Here
Alumni meetings

The network of alumni and clients of Adama Chaya accepts a wide variety of alumni meetings, "preparation for the season" days, study and deepening conferences in the winter, and more
More details -Here

Training of instructors in biodynamic agriculture

As part of the international network of biodynamic agriculture instructors, we run workshops to train the next generation of biodynamic instructors and improve the exchange of knowledge between existing instructors

Lectures for the general public

Adama Haya offers a wide variety of lectures, workshops and activities for the general public and professional conferences
Such as: a day of study - agrotechnics of cover vegetation, study sessions on a new generation in agriculture, a lecture on the cultivation of biodynamic seeds.

To view the lecture held at the Shamir Institute, at the Soil Conservation and Fertility Conference, click - Here

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