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Articles and studies on biodynamic agriculture

Links to articles and articles on biodynamic agriculture


1. Art Between Stars and Earth | Man of the world
Why do humans urgently need other agriculture? How does the way we grow our food relate to our inner state? all
This and more in a new section on biodynamic agriculture By: Liron Israeli
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2. The farm as an organism | Man of the world
Farmers who go out to work in the field will do well to see the land, plants, animals and themselves as part of
One Wholeness - where each organ has a role and connection to the rest By: Liron Israeli
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3. Questions and Answers on Biodynamic Agriculture | Man of the world
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4. Not on the farmer alone | India
Classical agriculture is very different from modern agriculture, both in cultivation methods and in the quantities of crops.
Unimaginable numbers of Indian farmers commit suicide every year, so what are the causes and how are you
Can help? By: Liron Israeli
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5. Healthy food at an equal price per person | On the north
Dr. Evelyn Shatil, a learning disability expert who studies the improvement of brain cognitive abilities, claims that organic food has the power to improve brain performance. Preliminary from the rally Are the residents of the Upper Galilee facing Canada Israel, and will soon launch the first pilot in Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar The next agricultural health revolution?
By: Meirav Shani Israeli
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More research results can be read here

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