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Biodynamic sowing and planting board

Biodynamic sowing and planting board shows the movements of celestial bodies to help understand the fluctuations and changes in the plant world and beyond

With the help of the calendar, it is also possible to specify additional agricultural activities such as: cuttings, oil and wine production, treatment of plant diseases, work in a beehive and more.


Radishes sown at different astronomical times

שמנים לפי ירח.jpg

Flaxseed oil at different harvest times

The Hebrew biodynamic panel is produced by  Biodynamic Agriculture Association of India
And translated by Living Land Center

לוח 2022.jpg

* To get the most out of the board  And to avoid misuse and adverse effects, it is advisable to be familiar with all the various instances on the board and the biodynamic growth processes. It is also recommended to use the guidance of a person experienced in working with the board.

After filling out the form 
Will send you an email with the board
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