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Five guiding principles

Five biodynamic principles and tools are proposed here, the choice of which is intended to present the uniqueness and contribution of this conception; There are of course many other principles, tools and emphases beyond these.

1. A living and individual organism
All the components and processes in the farm operate as living and individual organisms. The farmer must act  For the healthy development of the body, mind and spirit of the economy.

2. Stay within the realm of life
Only life processes can support other life, so we must mobilize our full skills and abilities to work so that the farm is supported by the flow of life, and avoid, as much as possible, the use of life-threatening substances.  The basis for the realization of this principle is the use of biodynamic preparations.

3. Variety is key
Life operates out of an abundance of connections, processes and forms. Only variety, as wide as possible, will allow life to truly thrive. This principle helps to see clearly why and how the agro-ecology of the farm should be shaped.

4. Rhythms of nature

Nature operates out of rhythm and cycles and we as farmers must learn to understand how to work with the rhythm of life. To this end, the biodynamic calendar has been developed, which enables this.

5. Agriculture and community
Agriculture supports the community and the community supports agriculture. If only we would dare to return agriculture to its important place  In culture as a significant source of education and upbringing, we will support our healthy development as a society.

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