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Biodynamic sowing and planting board
Biodynamic preparations
Courses and workshops
Water circles

The biodynamic preparations are art and creation with the life forces. They are not nutrients or additives that we give to the soil and plants, but substances that support life processes and help in their proper regulation.

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Board  Biodynamic sowing and planting presents the movements of celestial bodies to help understand the fluctuations and changes in the plant world and beyond
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We offer a variety of courses and workshops for acquaintance and in-depth study of biodynamic organic agriculture and more
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Water circles are an artistic waterfall system that moves the water at a beating pace of life. Circuits can be used to mix biodynamic preparations, a gem in a home garden as part of a gray water purification system and more


You can order the course book for biodynamic agriculture in Hebrew through us
In the list here we have compiled a recommended list of books on biodynamic agriculture and complementary fields

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