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2021 Biodynamic Agriculture Annual Conference

This year's conference will be held digitally and organized jointly by the Department of Youth and the Department of Biodynamic Agriculture in Ghetto. In this format we want to allow exchanges of perspectives, real encounters and look ahead and bring together participants from all over the globe.

How do we breathe in the climate crisis?

How do we understand the climate crisis from a social-spiritual ecological aspect?

Can the earth bear the 'footprint'?

Climate change is happening now -  And we can see their impact in many places. Any person can internally balance the existential uncertainty that has been created, this along with nature and agriculture which have certain resilience forces as well.

But is there no continual erosion of the fabric of inner and outer life?

We want to use the broad sense of the concept of climate to develop an image of a living entity for the entire planet. We will investigate facts and discuss possible solutions.

We will look for an individual purpose in relation to a situation that seems hopeless to humanity.

We would like to confront explosive social assumptions with the help of a shared desire potential to curb the urgency of tasks.

We wish for a breath of life that would allow us to say; The earth is waiting for a 'footprint' - I want to walk in it and contribute to our common future.


Ueli Hurter


Read more about the conference topic here

International Conference Website  Here

Conference contents

Letters from Michael


Michael's letters are short, focused texts written by Steiner in his final year.

The chapter "Coin for Sub-Nature" discusses the key question of the development of consciousness -

How do we find a connection to materialism and technology without being free?

In three sections built one on top of the other Petra Derkzen Jakob Bergsma Johanna Lamprecht will approach the question through exercises lectures and works in small groups. Participants will be invited to enter a discourse that will contain artistic, artistic and ecological elements, in which they will find contemporary abilities for developing a connection to the cosmos and to ourselves.

List of lectures

From Climate Crisis to Climate Crash - Hans Ulrich Schmots - German
The Living Land - Charles Einstein - English
Earth is the material from which human destiny is made - Constance Clix along with perhaps Horter - German
Spirituality to our common land - Clement Vincent - English
In a dialogue with nature Ronia Ace together with Annette Spangler - German
From the Individual to Society - A Holistic Approach to Climate Change - Lynn Bautz with Adrian Muller - English

All lectures are translated into German, French, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian.

More information about the lectures
On the International Conference website

Local event

Will take place on 12-13.02

In a biodynamic economy in the southern Golan Heights

The conference will include a joint viewing of the contents of the international conference together with:

  • Sharing and discussion meetings between those involved in biodynamic agriculture in Israel

  • Solo cello show - Hedi Raz Shachar

  • Meals - Ofra TorahTeva

The cost of the local conference: 180 NIS

The Laboratory of the Future Workshop

We are working in a new format for the first time and look forward to exchanging views and ideas. In the Laboratory of the Future workshop we will work on concrete questions regarding the social, economic, ecological, and spiritual dimension of the climate crisis.
After a discussion with an expert in the field, we will be divided into small groups and plan a vision for the future and practical steps to fulfill it.
Examples of questions that the workshop will deal with:
They are all farmers - what is the role of agriculture?
How to overcome the splits between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere and create a fruitful collaboration?
How can the role of humanity in the evolution of the earth be understood?
How should we discern an economic retreat?

Learn more about Future Labs 
On the International Conference website

Event registration

Thank you for registering

Watching the conference from home

If you are unable to attend the conference or the Corona regulations restrict participation, you can purchase a private participation card on the International Conference website at the link here

Organizing team 

Hagit Ben Meir

Tal Miller

Nati Tal

Dikla Zisman

Liron Israeli

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