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Interfaces that support biodiversity in plant agriculture

Suitable for Israel

A study conducted by Liron Israeli, led by Dr. Liron Amador and Prof. Tamar Dayan at Tel Aviv University, formed the basis for a professional report for the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
The study received a first prize at the conference of the Israeli Society for Nature Conservation, as well as a first prize at the European Forum of Agroecology.

From Executive Summary
The purpose of this paper is to identify agricultural interfaces in plant agriculture that support the existence of values
Nature and biodiversity, and detail recommendations for policy tools that will enable the promotion of these interfaces.
The document was prepared as part of the activities of the Ministry of Environmental Protection to prepare an action plan for the conservation of biological diversity in Israel, as a joint venture between the Ministry of the Environment and the DSA Institute.

The work locates agricultural interfaces that meet Israeli conditions: interfaces that have been research-tested
In Mediterranean climates (the existing climate in the northern part of Israel), and refers to crops
Agricultural-vegetable accepted in Israel. Continuation work will identify the interfaces relevant to the desert area in Israel.

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