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Biodynamic in the world

Biodynamic agriculture around the world operates under the Federation of Biodynamic Agriculture - International Demeter .
Today there are about 46 state organizations that make up the federation and a number of other countries where there is activity of biodynamic agriculture but without a union of registrars and they are in contact with the international organization

For more information on the federation see the video here

Study and training in biodynamic agriculture

Throughout almost 100 years of biodynamic agriculture  Learning and training centers have been established around the world. In order to promote contact and a basis for cooperation between the various centers, the action of the Federation and the Department of Biodynamic Agriculture to map the training centers and to host international conferences for the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Mapping of training and training centers in biodynamic agriculture

* Note that you can sort between the different types of training: short, long, university and online with the help of the top button on the left

Biodynamic farmers' unions


Argentina - Association for the Biological-Dynamic Agriculture of Argentina


Australia - Biodynamic Agriculture Association of Australia

Austria - Austrian Demeter Confederation

Brasil - Associacao Brasileira de Agricultura Biodinamica

Canada - Association of Biodynamics of Quebec Inc.


Egypt - Egyptian Biodynamic Association

France - Bio-dynamic culture movement

Germany - Demeter Working Communities in the German Regions

Bäuerliche Gesellschaft Norddeutschland eV

Great Britain - Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association (UK)

India - Bio-Dynamic Association of India

Italy - Association for Agricultural Biodynamics

New Zealand - Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Ass. in NZ Inc.

Netherlands - Association for b.-d. Agriculture and Nutrition

Portugal - Associacao de Agricultura Biodinâmica

Russia - Agrosofia

Sweden - Biodynamic Association

Switzerland - Association for Biological-Dynamic Agriculture

Slovenia - AJDA Drustvo za Biolosko-Dinamico Gospodarjenje

Spain - Agricultural Biodynamic Association of Spain

South Africa - Biodynamic Agricultural Association

USA - Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association

From data from De Meter International

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