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מחזור שלישי של קורס שטח בניהול כרם יין ביודינאמי, דרום צרפת 
יתקיים במאי 2023
פרטים נוספים יתפרסמו בהמשך

עד אז אתם מוזמנים לקרוא אודות המחזור הקודם

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Regestration open
2nd Field course for Biodynamic 
vineyard management
13– 18/06 southern France


The course's goal

Applied study and collegial exchange in best practices
of biodynamic viticulture


Sites we will tour

> Five biodynamic wineries

Libyan domain   |   Domaune mas d 'Espanet

Domaine Montirius   |   Domaine Gramenon  |  Cote cairn

Vineyard nursery Center:  Pépinière Lilian Bérillon

> Lectures:

Effects of nitrogen quality on the vineyard and wine
 Dominique Massenot 
Development of wine quality with the help of biodynamic preparations  Dr. Georg Meissner


> Work with biodynamic preparations for soil improvement and plant protection

> Integration of animals in the vineyard

> Soil health and cultivation with a biodynamic approach

> Management of biodiversity supports vineyard    

Biodynamic agriculture in the field of wine

Biodynamic wineries around the world often receive commendation marks.

Studies report higher durability of these vineyards


Tour structure and costs
The course is structured according to training topics and each day and meeting there will be training in Hebrew about stages in vineyard management,  And the learning process from the sites we will tour

1,500 euro  full price

10% discount on pre-registration until 20/04


Costs include: vehicles, accommodation, breakfast, training
Flights are not included in the price *
There may be changes in costs depending on the final bookings of vehicles and accommodation

Accommodation will be in the guest house of a biodynamic vineyard, lunches will be at the sites we will visit
A social evening is planned with winemakers from the area


Tour guides

The course is produced by the Living earth Center for Biodynamic Agriculture in Israel

And the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture in France.

The tour will be led
Liron Israeli, a guide and agricultural consultant, accompanies a variety of farms and vineyards in agriculture
 Biodynamic in Israel

Yuval Erlich, a winemaker and winemaker from the Deaf Biodynamic Winery


impressions from our previous tours

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Download the full program

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