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Mediterranean Biodynamic viticulture

Collegial exchange program
June 2023 – April 2026

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Collegial exchange
& field course in the south of France

Program Goals 

Developing a professional peer network to promote biodynamic vineyards in Mediterranean countries.



-  June 2023, a concentrated week of peer sharing in the South of France
- Nov, Dec 2023 joint distance learning
- Group work to produce joint training materials
- February 2024 event in participating countries

In 2024 and 2025 we will conduct a second round of peer-sharing programs in the South of France, online learning sessions, and group work.

Expected outcomes:

  • Periodic peer learning sessions

  • Production of 5 written professional guides

  • Four articles on the foundation of BD viticulture

  • Deepening the knowledge and experience in tools for managing a dynamic biological vineyard

Program organizers:

Liron Israely, Adama Haya training center, Israel
Daniel Bernstein, Technion, Israel
Theo Kontogiannis, Farmer, Greece

João Castella, Biodynamic association, Portugal

Arzu Isguden, Rumi training center, Turkey
Soazig Cornu, Biodynamic association France
Helen van zyl, Biodynamic Association South Africa

With the support of the ART fund of the Biodynamic Federation

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Registration open
3rd Field Course for Biodynamic 
Vineyard Management
Southern France
June 4-10


The course's goal

Applied study and collegial exchange in best practices of biodynamic viticulture. We will place particular emphasis on vineyard management in dry conditions.


Sites we will visit

> 10 biodynamic wineries

Château Romanin | S.C.E.A. Achard-Vincent |

S.A.R.L. Biodynamic Wine | Château Lermite | Mas des Agrunelles d'Auzan | Mas d'Alezon | Domaine Stella Nova | Château La Baronne | Olivier Pithon | Le Roc des Anges

> Expert talks:

Growing a vineyard in dry conditions -  Dominique Massenot 
Development of wine quality with the help of biodynamic preparations - Vincent Masson (TBC)

Main topics

> Work with biodynamic preparations for soil improvement and plant protection

> Integration of animals in the vineyard

> Soil health and cultivation with a biodynamic approach

> Vineyard Management in arid conditions 

On Biodynamics and wine

Biodynamic wineries around the world often receive commendation marks.

Studies report higher durability of these vineyards.


Contact us for the full program of the tour or further questions


Tour structure and costs
Each program day will have a central focus theme with guided instruction by the course leaders.  The local grower will lead each vineyard visit, sharing their best knowledge and practices, both in viticulture and winemaking.
At the end of each day, we will conclude together the examples demonstrated by the vineyards we visited. When possible, we will have lunch with our hosts to share more on the social level.

€ 1,500 full price


Costs include transportation, accommodation, breakfast, and training costs.
* Flights are not included in the price.
** There may be changes in costs depending on the final bookings of vehicles and accommodation.

Accommodation will be in hotels or guest houses close to vineyards.
Lunches: some, at the vineyards, would be included, and some would not. To be advised.
Dinners: Not included 

We would vary between restaurants and self/ co preparations of dinners 

A social evening is planned with winemakers from the area.


Tour guides

The course is produced by the Living Earth Center (Adama Haya) for Biodynamic Agriculture in Israel.

And the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture in France.

The tour will be led by Liron Israely, a trainer and agricultural consultant, who accompanies a variety of farms and vineyards in Biodynamics, regenerative and agroecological practices across Israel.


Impressions from our previous tours

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Contact us for the full program of the tour or further questions

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