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From the Animal Farm Project
Rudlof Steiner School Farm in Nairobi Kenya

The Organization for Research in Organic Agriculture  FiBEL
Presents a study that examines how the world can be fed from organic farming

Chapter 9: Biodynamic Agriculture, Part II

לוגו חידת האדם.jpg

In the second and final chapter in the series on biodynamic agriculture we talked about key points in the development of the field since the "agricultural course" given in 1924. We talked about the Demeter organization, organic agriculture, ecological movement, research institutes, agricultural development in the world and in Israel. We also visited the Habibian farm, which is being converted from organic to biodynamic, and heard from him about the process.

Biodynamic agriculture and community
From Adam Olam Conference 2016

Agriculture in the service of life
Voices of biodynamic farmers tell of their work

Tia Maria Carlson, CEO of the American Biodynamic Association
Awaken the heart in agriculture

Issues of justice, climate and agriculture nowadays


Chapter 8: Biodynamic Agriculture, Part I

לוגו חידת האדם.jpg

In the first part of the conversation about biodynamic agriculture, Liron Israeli talks about the "biodynamic course" given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in 1924, which forms the basis of biodynamic agriculture. We hear the principles of the anthroposophical approach to agriculture, the world. 

Summary of Living Land Activity 2014-2015

Production and script: Adva Manor

Food and spiritual development
Lecture at the Amirim Conference on Vegetarianism and Veganism 2016

David Byrnes' journey to grow the purest food on the biodynamic farm:  Yellow Barn

Trailer for the movie
The largest small farm

The story of the establishment of a biodynamic farm

The Alchemists
For all those who want to heal and sanctify the earth

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