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Vocational training  

A deepening course in biodynamic agriculture

Round 10 is scheduled to start
in October 2023
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And we will get back to you at the beginning of the introductory days of the program

Annual in-depth course in the management of a dynamic biological interface in agriculture,
Heal the world through the agriculture of the future

The challenges of modern times: climate change, soil erosion, outbreaks of diseases in humans and animals, declining food values, and agricultural economic instability - require farmers to think and act from the rules of biology.

All of these require man to think, and act from the rules of biology.

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In the annual course we will get to know, experience and refine the toolbox, concept and management ability of growers working with a complete agricultural organism.

The course is designed to train the next generation in productive vegetable gardens, orchards, vineyards, agricultural farms that combine agriculture, education and medicine, and productive community agriculture.
This course is also essential for anyone who bakes, makes wine, cooks and occasionally eats.

Pay in the cycle 9 activity video

The essence of the program

The change is coming We perceive agriculture as a primary product


Through direct observation of the processes that shape a biological environment:
Sun, climate, soil and biological processes.


Cultivating our capacity for internal assessment among registrars
from the existing biological system and the possible actions for the effect 

tools and actions

Taking action from the internal legality of a living biological system and improving it 

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The structure of the program

The training program presents you with a holistic way of understanding the natural world as its premise and applies the understanding  This through a work-based and learning-based approach.  

In this program we will train learners in sustainable solutions to current and future environmental challenges through the development of knowledge and understanding and practical tools in the dynamic biological processes in nature and agriculture.

1) Basic assumptions in agriculture

The principle of an agricultural organism is central to the biodynamic approach to agriculture and horticulture.
In the first part we will present this principle and examine its implications for agricultural practices.

We will demonstrate and examine the basic assumptions in meteorology, soil and plant sciences and the management of biological processes.
And how the principles of the farm as an organism bring an integrated and balanced approach to farm management.  

Active observation and phenomenological examination of natural phenomena, will help us to characterize and get to the root of natural processes, their origin, and understanding the agricultural tools designed to develop biological vitality.

Stand on each cube expandable (content is more accessible in computer view)

Building fertility and resilience (6 lessons)

Fertility has broad implications for any agricultural activity: how it is understood in a biodynamic approach, how fertility is supported by biodynamic practices and how the overall meaning of fertility in the agricultural organism builds resilience.


Farmers and growers always strive to improve fertility, but are locked in an approach of deficiencies and incompleteness. The various components we will encounter in this chapter, will help us crystallize within the tools that take us to life-supporting agriculture.

 driving biological processes (6 lessons)

The demand for biodynamic food products is growing worldwide, due to the ability of the approach to conserve and renew agricultural resources, both by producers looking for quality of raw materials such as wine, olive oil, bread, and vegetables.


In this chapter we will recognize that one of the ways in which biodynamic agriculture, may make a contribution to the health and well-being of mankind, is through nutrition. As manufacturers of biodynamic foods, we need to be aware of how biodynamic practices can affect food quality. This vitality stems from the cultivation of activity and inner mobility in a person.


In order to develop vitality in food, one must see and internalize the ability of the farmer and farmer to initiate and optimize biological processes in the agricultural organism. The variety of tools and observations made in this chapter will improve the breeders' abilities, support the vitality of the food, during and after the growth.

Tours and work meetings 

Full learning in agriculture matures from a direct encounter with farmers engaged in the craft. 

During the training period, there will be tours that combine practical work and study in biodynamic farms

The branches of the classes in which the program deals

  • productive vegetable gardens

  • Field Crops

  • plantations

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Compost production

  • Production of biodynamic preparations

  • Disease and pest management

  • Planting and sowing

  • Agricultural management with the support of the community

  • Demeter standard certification

Exercises and finishing work

Throughout the program, a variety of exercises and tasks will be given, in order to help you be aware of a personal and professional development journey and provide you with an opportunity to engage in individual development activities relevant to the program.

School day: Tuesday

Once in two weeks

Hours: 9:00 - 15:00
*The studies include 2 concentrated seminars that will be held on weekends. 

Cycle No. 9
Will open on October 27, 2022

*Early registration until 15.08.2022

green leaf plants on black soil illustra

** There may be changes and inaccuracies in the structure of the program 

As part of the training, we offer a supportive learning space that will include: 

 A sufficient set of biodanami preparations
For 10 dunams and 10 cubic meters of compost


☘ Biodynamic sowing and planting board


☘ A course site that supports learning


☘ Access to a unique biodynamic library in Israel


Worksheets and summary of biodynamic preparations 

☘ Joining a circle's winter study session
The biodynamic farmers in Israel

Work-based learning / internship period


Biodynamic agriculture trainings around the world are mostly work-based trainings - agriculture is learned from practice!


The "Living Land" center works to build the infrastructure of training farms. During the establishment phase, we invite workers in farms who want to develop in biodynamics, organic and agro-ecology, to join a work-based study program.


The add-on includes :
Learning processes within the economy, personal tutoring time, and a learning and deepening group.


* We are in the process of accepting a financing plan for new employees by the Ministry of Labor - contact us for more details

Examples of final projects

פרויקט של ליאור.jpg

חקר תהליך מעבר משק של 140 דונם מנגו מקונבנציונאלי לאורגני וביודינאמי.

כיצד ניתן להבין את תפקיד החנקן במערכת החקלאית ולתמוך ביולוגית דינאמית בניהול חנקן מיטבי.

קישור לעמוד פייסבוק של המשק כאן

ליאור זנגני, משק מנגו זנגני, אלמגור

עמית ורד, מיצר

פיתוח במודל עבודה של חוות צמחי מרפא העובד ביחד עם הקהילה, במודל הדומה לCSA חקלאות בתמכת הקהילה.

פיתוח תובנות אגרונומיות לגידול איכות של צמחי מרפא, מתוך הגידשה הביודינאמית

תרגיל סיום ביודינאמי- חוות צמחי מרפא CSA עמית ורד.jpg

הערכת התכנות של ניהול גד"ש ביודניאמי עבור המוש מיצר

בחינה של סוגיות הצרכים האגרוטכנית לניהול בגישה ביודינאמית
בחינת מחזור הגידולים ונתיבי השוק האפשריים.
תועלת חברתיות סבבתיות לבעלים - תושבי מיצר

מצגת מרכזת של כל הפרויקטים7.jpg

נועם אופנהיים, מנהל גד"ש מיצר

ליאור רבינוביץ ודור אופנהיים, Regen

Creating compost that combines methods and preparations from biodynamics and Dr. Elaine Ingham's bio-complete compost. The initial production of the compost will be carried out at the Shiloni compost site in the village of Warburg. The raw materials were carefully selected to allow a substrate for life to form and develop. The composting process will be carried out with temperature monitoring, Moisture percentages and microscope tests for the microbiology that grows in the process. The finished compost will reach a certain level of key microbiological organisms in the food web of the soil and will also be visually checked by chromatography. The six biodynamic compost preparations will be added to the process after the end of the hot phase of the compost in order to enrich the compost with life.
By Dor Oppenheim and Lior Rabinowitz, ReGen

רז איילה.jpg

כיצד לתמוך בילדים להכיר את התהליכים הטבעיים בחקלאות.

ניהול גינה עם צמחי חיטה מסורתיים מזרע עד לחם.

כיצד התהליך הביולוגי דינאמי תומך בעבודה של צוות הוראה בחווה חקלאית חינוכית.

רז איילה, חווה חקלאית חינוכית חוות הנוי

יאסר ח'טיב, חווה ביודינאמית מסורתית חורפיש

Establishing a farm that is a traditional rural experience in the biodynamic way. The farm will harmoniously combine vegetation, animals and people, together we will make the land lively and productive. The farm will be productive and will focus on growing vegetables, making cheeses and breads with an emphasis on quality.
The farm cooperates with neighboring biodynamic farms to jointly create biodynamic preparations and education. 

By Yasser Khatib, Khorfeesh


נטלי שפריר, עסיס יינות טבעיים

Exposing biodynamics and the high quality of biodynamic produce to new audiences with an emphasis on the world of wine.

Expanding the range of contents of the workshops that present principles of biodynamics as part of wine tasting.

By Nathalie Shafferer, part of the development of the juicy business - importing biodynamic and natural wines to Israel


יעל לביא אפרת, מושב היוגב

The establishment of a diverse agricultural farm containing a variety of human and agricultural processes.  The farm will combine olives in a super intensive method (for the season) with spice plants for medicinal and ornamental plants and biodynamic bee pasture. 
The possibility of a cooperative of Jewish Arab women will be examined. 
While the young olives and the intensive method represent the future, the herbs and the spice represent the past, the return to memory and healing, and to the "old" knowledge. 
The biological diversity and the variety of processes in the farm are intended to produce systemic resilience and health for the soil. The products of the farm will be olive oil, honey, tea and medicinal plants and combinations of them such as spiced honey. 
No less than the value of the products that can be marketed as goods, the economy will increase hope, dialogue, feminine and healing memory of the past and the creation of a collaborative narrative for the present and future.

By Yael Efrat Lavi, Moshav HaYogev

מילים של דני.jpg

What about the adults?
At the end of the training

Upon graduation


You and you are joining and joining, an international network of farmers committed to the constant learning and growth of agriculture in the service of life!

The areas in which you will establish yourself after graduation are:

  Development of agro-ecological management capability of complex agricultural systems

  Control of the principles, processes and tools of biodynamic organic interface

  Infrastructure to meet the criteria of the Demeter International Standard

  Improving personal abilities for reflection and management of complex biological processes

  Practical experience in a variety of tools for managing organic processes


Liron Israeli

main moderator

Doctoral student researching agro-ecological systems and agricultural training.

Founder of the "Adam Chaya" center, member of international forums for biodynamic agriculture and prepares biodynamic preparations.

תמונת פרופיל לירון.jpg

Jordan Sheaf

main moderator

Owner and farmer of "Salesila" farm. An agronomist who decided to expand his organic capabilities. Researching the application of biodynamics in his farm since 2014.

Host of the biodynamic course and will guide practical work


the cost of the course

740 NIS

8,800 שח


* 1,000 NIS registration fee, full degrees
* Payment includes VAT
* Recognized as professional training
* Support from the Ministry of Labor may be required
   Under the Shabbat route are employed for the economy

התוכנית הינה חלק מרשת בינלאומית של מרכזי הכשרה בחקלאות ביודינאמית

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