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Biodynamic agriculture

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Biodynamics is a holistic approach to agriculture and gardening that takes organic principles to a deeper level. As is the case with the various approaches to organic farming, we do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. But biodynamics is not just about what should not be done. Biodynamics is an ecological, ethical and spiritual approach to agriculture that cultivates fertility and health, producing food with fine, nutritious and quality taste. All this, out of a desire to produce a diverse and balanced agro-ecosystem.

Acceptance of these gifts can only occur when we give back to the earth and see ourselves as part of the great rhythm and order of nature. With the help of the biodynamic approach the farmer and gardener can understand the living rhythms and serve as artists between the stars and the earth.

The biodynamic approach has been operating for about 91 years in all climatic regions of the world and in all configurations and perimeters: from the home garden, to orchards, vineyards, field crops and more. Unique in building community, educational and medical food production systems that rely on a constant cycle of improving soil fertility, building community-economic resilience and working with the delicate forces operating in nature.

The beginning of the biodynamic approach is based on the work of the philosopher, educator and social activist Rudolf Steiner and a philosophy called “anthroposophy.” Steiner developed this approach to agriculture in response to the plight of modern farmers. -Ecological as a healing process for people, plants and animals.Following Steiner, many people have continued the impulse of exploring and developing a holistic approach to agriculture.I invite you to join this circle.

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