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About living soil
Living Land specializes in the development of an agro-ecological interface for farms and community agriculture.

We offer services and training in the development of organic soil fertility, management of agricultural-nature interfaces (biological pesticides) and support for the DEMETER certification process in organic agriculture.

In addition, Living Land assists in the establishment of agricultural projects and accompanies farmers in the processes of direct marketing .

Liron Israeli  | Mobile: 054-6028012

Liron Israeli

PhD student in agriculture and ecology at Tel Aviv University
and at the station for the research of the volcanic institute.
Engages in research to improve the relationship between agricultural areas and streams.
Founder of Adama Haya Center, guide, researcher and study of biodynamic agriculture in Israel.  | Mobile: 052-4464789

Eyal Ben Simhon

Agronomist with specialization in agroecology and soil quality.
Studies and engages in sustainable agriculture, with an emphasis on designing and adapting agricultural systems to the interfaces of increasing ecosystem services and agricultural biodiversity.

PhD student for Mediterranean agroforestry systems at the Volcanic Institute and the Faculty of Agriculture
at the Hebrew University.

אייל בן שמחון.jpg
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